A Spring Strategy Update for Goodflex Rubber| Silicone Hose Manufacturers UK


In these unprecedented times, Goodflex Rubber Co, one of the leading  silicone hose manufacturers UK, altered their biannual strategy presentations to include a Spring update and take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Easter including a large thank you for an amazing team effort throughout the pandemic.

Silicone Hose Manufacturer | Spring Strategy Update
Socially Distanced Spring Strategy Update

Manufacturing Silicone Hoses Never Stopped

The Goodflex pandemic response was swift and comprehensive, enabling the business to remain fully operational. In an incredible effort, a full Covid Operational and Health & Safety Policy was implemented allowing the business to continue to provide maximum support to all existing and new customers for florosilicone and silicone hoses, mouldings, and assemblies.

An Incredible Manufacturing Journey

Delivering the update to Goodflex staff, Managing Director Mark Dufty said: “What a twelve months. I do not think any of us knew what an adventure this would be but it’s one of Goodflex’s greatest achievements how we have adapted.”

Silicone Hose Manufacturer | Mark Dufty | Managing Director
Mark Dufty, Managing Director

The silicone hose manufacturer implemented:

  • working bubbles
  • split break systems
  • special clean down procedures
  • dedicated one-way traffic flow
  • mandatory mask policies
  • inhouse testing
  • many, many policy updates.

He continued: “We have been one of the standout companies in our class. I can remember a time when we hadn’t even heard of furlough but there I was delivering a speech to camera to keep all staff informed. I’m very proud of the fact that we made no redundancies.”

Exciting Year of Expansion and New Team Members

With exciting expansion plans underway and another level of recruitment taking place, the business has become stronger and more dynamic. At an important moment to reflect and look at what has been achieved, business looks to be exceeding last year’s figures with purchasing teams looking to localise supply chains and engineering teams accelerating new projects.

“Goodflex continues to invest, not only in our testing machinery, our Solidworks CAD suites, our 3D printing capability, but in our semi-automated lathes, our new scanning technology and our new website,” Mark said. “We have never played the COVID card, and even in these challenging times we have continued to move forward and increase investment.”

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