Testing & Validation Services

At Goodflex Rubber Co we are able to provide testing and validation of hoses and assemblies for durability and fatigue under operational loads and conditions.

Using our impulse burst-test machine we are able to use a full range of multi-functions tests designed to your or your customers specific needs and standards.


Our custom-built, automated test machine has high speed data acquisition, history screens and real-time display of pressure-time and time-temperature curves, all with exportable test reports allowing further analysis.

We can fully configure to specific impulse frequencies and output pressures as per your specification utilising the closed circulating system to test different media for temperature and recycling efficiency needs.

We are also able to test multiple hoses at the same time with individual alarm devices employed in case of leaking happened to one of the pieces. All fully calibrated for pressure gauge, pressure sensor, temperature sensor and flow meter.