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Goodflex Provides Price Calm in Volatile Brexit Sea

The Goodflex Rubber Co. Ltd, a global manufacturer and supplier of rubber hoses, mouldings and assemblies has hailed the development of its improved production planning system a ‘great success’ particularly with the launch of a range of calendared material and compounds.

The company, which manufactures and supplies hoses, mouldings and assemblies in silicone and other polymers including EPDM, FKM, NBR, HT-ACM, ECO, AEM, AEM and EA AU, has heavily invested in raw material processing in a move to protect customers from price increases in the wake of Brexit and currency fluctuations.

Commenting on the system, Emma Lowe, Commercial Manager said: “A mainstay of Goodflex’s value proposition is our ability to shorten leads times for new part introduction and to support our customers to get products to market quicker.”

“Having an agile and dynamic production-planning system means that we can manufacture quicker and more efficiently whilst providing order escalation and emergency order flexibility without impacting day-to-day production.”

Managing director, Mark Dufty added: “We’ve really looked at ways to reduce costs for our customers and identified quicker lead times as an area where we could really support. And being able to negate the price volatility of Brexit and lock our customers into longer-term and stable prices helps us to protect our customers’ margins – which always makes us popular.”

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