Goodflex Rubber Company: Paving the Way for Innovation with the Made Smarter Manufacturing Grant


In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, companies that embrace innovation and technological advancements are the ones that stand out. Goodflex Rubber Company, a leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber hoses, mouldings & assemblies, has recently been chosen for a case study under the prestigious Made Smarter manufacturing grant. This recognition is a testament to Goodflex Rubber’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry by adopting cutting-edge technologies. As part of this initiative, the company had the honour of hosting a film interview with Commercial Manager Natalie Benwell, shedding light on their journey with the Made Smarter manufacturing grant.

Made Smarter Manufacturing Grant:

The Made Smarter manufacturing grant is a government-backed program aimed at supporting manufacturing businesses in adopting new technologies to enhance productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness. Goodflex Rubber Company’s selection for this case study highlights their dedication to embracing digital technologies and Industry 4.0 standards.

The Journey of Goodflex Rubber Company:

Goodflex Rubber Company has been a prominent name in the rubber manufacturing sector for years, known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With the Made Smarter manufacturing grant, Goodflex Rubber embarks on their journey to integrate new technologies into its operations. This includes the implementation of the EFACS system, Goodflex Rubber look to increase operational efficiency, improved data-driven decision-making, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Goodflex Rubber will be better positioned to navigate the challenges of the manufacturing landscape while maintaining a focus on innovation and customer relations.

During the interview Natalie Benwell delved into various aspects of Goodflex Rubber’s transformation journey, including the challenges faced, key milestones achieved, and the impact of the strategic investment made possible by the Made Smarter grant.

Leading silicone hose manufacturuer UK mouldings and assemblies - Made Smarter BTS

Goodflex Rubber has been praised for its proactive approach and willingness to embrace change. Natalie emphasised how the company’s commitment to innovation serves as an inspiration for others in the industry. The interview provided valuable insights into the practical implications and benefits of incorporating the new system.

The partnership between Goodflex Rubber Company and Made Smarter, as showcased in the case study and interview with Natalie Benwell, serves as a beacon for manufacturers aiming to embrace innovation. Through strategic investments and a commitment to technological advancement, Goodflex Rubber demonstrates that, with the right support, companies can not only navigate industry challenges but also emerge as leaders.

You can view the full case study by Made Smarter here.

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