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As a global manufacturer and supplier of rubber hoses, mouldings and assemblies we understand the importance of testing and validation

We provide pulsation, vibration and burst testing services for hoses and assemblies to determine durability, fatigue and cyclic testing of hoses and assembly as per the standard of DIN 73411‐2, 3.10‐3.12.


  • Multi functions test system designed as per specific needs.
  • Automated test stand with high speed data acquisition system;
  • History screen and real‐time display of pressure‐time and time‐temperature curves.
  • Test data saved automatically even in the case of emergency or power down happens accidently.
  • Test report exported upon request and allows printed out for further analysis.
  • User configuration to impulse frequency and output pressure as per actual needs.
  • Closed circulating system for test medium to make sure the temp. and recycling efficiency needs.
  • Multi pieces of hose can be tested at the same time, and alarm devices are employed in case of leaking happened to one of those pieces.

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