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The Goodflex team has been carefully built and developed to contact a mixture of passion, technical knowledge and industry expertise all available to you instantly

The Goodflex Rubber Company team is a carefully blended mix of passion, technical excellent and industry expertise.

Mark Dufty, Managing Director & Project Team 

Expertise: Unparalleled industry knowledge  

Most likely to say: “I’m not a big fan of percentages…”

Passion: Delivering exceptional products and service passionately

Vanessa Dufty, Finance Director

Expertise: Keeping a tight rein on finances      

Most likely to say: “I’m chasing an outstanding invoice””

Passion: Chasing outstanding invoices

Stuart Smith, Technical Director & Project Team

Expertise: Encyclopaedic knowledge of rubber manufacturing

Most likely to say: “The problem you’ve got is…”

Passion: Making sure that sales do things correctly

Mike Tinklin, Materials & Process Manager

Expertise: Building first-rate supplier relationships

Most likely to say: “We have a supplier that can solve that…”

Passion: Finding a way to get it done

Natalie Benwell, Commercial Manager

Expertise: Ensuring that everything runs smoothly

Most likely to say: “Yes, I will look into that for you.”

Passion: Loves a damn good spreadsheet.

Stuart Bearcroft, Technical Sales & Project Team 

Expertise: Uncanny ability to make it happen

Most likely to say: “I think we can make this happen…”

Passion: Being able to respond to customers quickly

Matthew Grumball, Technical Sales & Project Team 

Expertise: Extensive product and manufacturing knowledge

Most likely to say: “I’ve been working with this customer for a long time…”

Passion: Developing close relationships with designers and engineers

Dan New, Technical Sales & Project Team 

Expertise: Full support to mid-size and large OEMs

Most likely to say: “I’ve just received this large RFQ…”

Passion: Process, process and more process

Tom Gilchrist, Technical Sales Support

Expertise: Magnificently supporting the sales and production teams

Most likely to say: “I’ll build it so we meet the customer’s expectations…”

Passion: Proper engineering and hose manufacturer

Rick Whittle, Operations & Quality Manager 

Expertise: Full control of all quality at Goodflex

Most likely to say: “We can develop that process…”

Passion: Ensuring manufacture is as faultless as possible

Mollie Dawe, Resources Coordinator

Expertise: Ably coordinating all the important stuff                            

Most likely to say: “Good morning Goodflex, Mollie speaking…”

Passion: Being the first point of contact at Goodflex

Matthew Osborne, CAD/Production Co-ordinator

Expertise: Turning 2D and 3D data into real solutions        

Most likely to say: “It's a good job we use SolidWorks…”

Passion: Getting the data right at the start of the process.

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