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Hose Testing Times at Goodflex Rubber Company

Goodflex Rubber Co. Ltd, a global manufacturer and supplier of rubber hoses, mouldings and assemblies has launched its premium hose testing services following a significant investment in state-of-the-art impulse burst testing equipment and analytics software. Goodflex, who offer hoses, mouldings and assemblies in silicone and other polymers including EPDM, FKM (VITON®), NBR, HT-ACM, ECO, AEM (VAMAC®) and EA AU are one of the only UK manufacturers to be able to provide hose testing for durability and fatigue under lifecycle conditions, providing peace of mind to customers and minimising commercial risk to their businesses.

Speaking about the launch of the services, Mark Dufty said: “Following extensive research of the hose testing market and testing houses in the UK we identified that there was a shortage of provision for dynamic testing of hoses." Mark continued: “Whilst burst testing is a good indicator of hose and hose assembly performance it is vital that hoses are tested with consistent pulsation with the required coolant whilst simulating under-bonnet temperatures. We’re very pleased to be able to offer our customers this.”

For further information on testing services at Goodflex Rubber Company contact the technical sales team on 01386841480, email technical@goodflexrubber.com or visit TESTING SERVICES

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