Fire Retardant Hoses

Goodflex uses fire retardant silicone compound, which meets BS6853 and AFNOR NFF. 16-101 standards, to produce low smoke-low toxicity hoses suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Air Conditioning Drain Hoses
  • Toilet Hoses
  • Heater Hoses
  • Coolant Hoses
  • Air Hoses

Specifically designed and formulated for the rail industry, the hoses are designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The hoses can also include wire reinforcement for applications where the hose may be subject to negative pressure.

Hose Shapes show all hose shapes

Unique Properties

The unique fire retardant material meets all the requirements for rubber products listed in BS6853 Table 7 to 8 and has excellent ozone and temperature resistance. Goodflex can produce fire retardant hoses in any production volume with very low cost tooling for specific and bespoke designs.

Typical Working Temperature: -50°C to 170°C

Standard Bore Sizes: 6mm to 203mm

Available in lengths up to a maximum of 4 metres.

Standard Bore Sizes: 10mm to 203mm

We are also able to offer shaped hoses, reducing hoses, multiple bends and/ or convolutions (subject to minimum batch quantities).

Bore sizes to meet your requirements

These hoses are designed so there are no joints required and you are able to use just one hose to connect 3 or more connection points

Standard Bore Sizes : 13mm to 60mm (other sizes available on request)

The great advantage of these hoses is you can cut them to the required length and fit them to applications where connection points may alter with the potential added advantage of avoiding tooling costs.

Bore Sizes to meet your requirements

The hoses can be used, for example, on toilet systems where there is the potential for the hose to experience negative pressure. The hoses are designed to meet your unique applications.